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Our Florist-Designed Color Themes 

At Bloome Babe, we’re here to cater to everyone looking for jaw-dropping florals at their desired price point. Depending on your wedding or event, we’ve created a variety of packages so you can choose only what you need and minimize waste. 

We offer small, medium, and large packages for each color theme. While we do not offer installation of your florals, we do offer custom packages if you don’t see a perfect fit to complete your vision. 

If you are interested in placing a custom order, please contact us so we can learn more about your needs and create a package that works for you.

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Floral Packages with Flair

The flowers included in your order will vary depending on the season of your event. We always utilize seasonal stems so that your flowers are as fresh and vibrant as possible.

Flowers chosen with love and care

Our Seasonal Stems

Each package includes





With these flowers combined - we create a well-rounded, harmonious arrangement within your color theme. 

Peek Inside Our Process

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It’s no secret that wedding planning is a LOT, but with us, getting your flowers will feel like a walk in the park. We’ve created a seamless and easy process for choosing your blooms, receiving your order, and absolutely crushing your DIY arrangements. We’ve got you.



Flower Care

We wouldn’t leave you hanging

We know that it can sound a little ~stressful~ to care for AND arrange your flowers into a wedding day masterpiece. But don’t worry–the babes are behind you 100 percent! We’ll provide you with a complete rundown of each stem in your order along with a florist-perfected recipe to follow for each arrangement you’re creating.

And if you’re feeling a little extra support we’ve STILL got you. We’ve created an entire resources library for you to watch video tutorials, read our best tips and tricks, and receive an unmatched level of support from order through your “I do’s.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the color themes designed?

Each theme is intentionally designed by our florist who creates cohesive color stories using seasonal stems. That means that the specific flowers included will change throughout the year, but the color theme will still have the same beautiful look and feel. 

Will I know exactly which flowers are included in my order?

You will know which flowers are included in your order leading up to your wedding day or special event, but you will not have an exact breakdown at the time of order. This is because all of our packages are created with seasonal flowers and we source our blooms from local farms whenever possible, and we want to ensure that we provide the very best quality possible.

I don’t see a package that suits my needs perfectly. Am I able to create a custom order?

Yes, absolutely! We would love to create a package just for you.
If you’re interested in custom work, please contact us so we can learn more about what you’re looking for.

Do you also offer floral installation at the venue?

We do not offer floral installation as we are a DIY service. However, if you are interested in flower installation, please contact our sister brand, Michelle Angeli, here.

If I choose to pick up my order but want to have it delivered instead, can I switch?

Yes, absolutely. We will be in touch closer to your event date to confirm your order details. Please reach out to let us know that you will need delivery so we can accommodate your request. 


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